Mac & Laura Johnston

As we roll round into autumn with another shoot booked in for October, its time to blog about this wonderful couple.

Back in the summer I was lucky enough to be able to meet, become friends with and shoot the wonderful Mac & Laura Johnston. Based on a recommendation of my work, Laura came to me for some imagery to help promote their new song ‘Wild Flowers’ and to also update their brand and content imagery for their social media accounts. 

She said we picked Checkered Photography to work with because we loved the way they capture people so naturally and in our beautiful surroundings! We wanted to go with a photographer who captured the beauty of our natural surroundings here in Cornwall because having just moved here we wanted some images that showed our location and showed it off! It’s too beautiful to not have photos here. The way you capture the people and coastline was just what we were looking for. We LOVE the photos!! Can’t wait to do our next shoot.

Whilst the sun burnt through the cloud I drove over to them to plan where our shoot would take place, and of course with the poppies in bloom over at Porth Joke it had to take place there. Following on to their home beach of Perranporth. 

If you don’t know who Mac & Laura are, then here is a little bit about them: 

Mac grew up in small town North Carolina in a place called Gatesville. There was one traffic light in his whole county!! Full on in the middle of nowhere. That pretty much gave him lots of time to practice guitar! He is self taught and sometimes would sit in his room the whole day playing! Carolina is a southern State, and definitely has the country music vibe going on. Laura us from Rotherham in South Yorkshire… quite the contrast… not at all known for its country music 😉 but funnily enough she always loved watching the Country Music Awards growing up and probably enjoyed that genre more than Mac! Lauras mum’s family is Irish and she is sure that she therefore carries some of the Irish Celtic blood 🙂 The roots of our music are county/folk but we draw on lots of influences!

Mac and Laura met in Asheboro North Carolina and began songwriting straight away. They just had lots of fun together and in the beginning there was no big plans to go on to do music together as a job, but they just found that they clicked and they had so much fun spending time together, writing and singing… so much so that they got married!! Haha … That has made songwriting both easier and harder!!

They love music and they think it’s a gift and powerful tool that can be used to influence in a positive or negative way. From the beginning they have set out to be people who influence for good! They want people to feel encouraged, inspired and hopeful when they hear our music and chat with them after a show.

They met in 2012 and started songwriting like a month later! They married in 2014 and moved to the UK. 

They released their EP ‘First Light’ in September 2017 and will be recording the next in early 2019. This EP was recorded with an award BBC radio 2 award winning folk producer -Andy Bell. It is also available on iTunes!

Their faith plays a big part in what they do and why they do it. They are Christians and passionate about being people that share hope and represent light  in what can seem like a very dark world. Although they wouldn’t call themselves ‘Christian musicians’… as that isolates people and puts them in a box! bThey are musicians and they are Christians!  

They moved to Cornwall on Feb 2018 and they LOVE it!! They have always been in love with this beautiful county. It’s also very inspiring place to write songs with such a majestic coastline! 


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