Ecowagon Camper Van Conversions Photo shoot..

So on Saturday we had planned a mini shoot for Kenny Green and his company Ecowagon Campervan Conversions based in Redruth.

Deciding a time of day to shoot became rather difficult as after 3-4 weeks of wall to wall sunshine, Saturday it decided to absolutely pour down with rain and give us some wind to go with it.

But we met at his workshop and headed over to a campsite where one of his customers was set up and we convoyed with Kenny and his other customer. 

Requiring to be photographed were two Volkswagen T5 vans converted by Kenny into campers. One white with a family feel to its set up and one black designed for a couple of adventurers.

Here are the images we produced with the excellent co operation from 3 wonderful little children and two beautiful vans in the Cornish rain….


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